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Tornado Training: Lessons After the Storm

It’s been about a week since we were hit by Hurricane Irma. We were whacked here on the east coast of FL but fared much better than the west coast. Trees down, utility pole down, large fence destroyed, no power for a week, many businesses closed, lots of cleanup that took an entire week – …

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Bodybuilding: 14 Things We Hate

Last week on Facebook I asked bodybuilding competitors, what’s the biggest thing that makes you cringe when…

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Losing A Leg & Gaining Success: The Power of “I Can”

Look at one of your legs. I mean really look at it. Now, imagine waking up and not having that leg. Visualize it. Think about what your life would be like. How your life would change, how you would feel when you looked in the mirror. How friends, family and even strangers would treat you. …

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