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Competitive Bodybuilders

Choosing a coach to assist you with your off season or contest prep is not a decision to be approached lightly. As your prep coach, I assume an immense responsibility to have you at your best when you set foot on that stage, but as an athlete, you must be ready and fully committed to do your part as well. Excuses have no part in contest prep, and you must keep up with the rigors associated with prep, no matter what life throws at you. When you make the commitment to compete, you must do what’s necessary in all aspects of your training, nutrition and mental attitude; I will do the same as your coach.

This is the athlete I want to work with — true competitors with that “never quit” frame of mind. I offer a range of services for the competitive bodybuilder, including:

  • off-season training and nutrition
  • physique assessment
  • posing evaluation and instruction; and
  • full contest preparation packages.

If you have any doubt about which of these options is best, email me at

Masters Over-50

I didn’t begin my bodybuilding career until I was in my early 40’s. My first show was the Mr. Connecticut in 2001 where I won the open lightweight and the master’s over-40 classes, and went on to win the overall masters (over 40, 50 and 60 overall) as well. Quite a start to my bodybuilding …

Off-Season Training & Nutrition

As a competitive bodybuilder, you know that there is no off-season. The time spent between contest preps is when muscle is gained, body fat is kept in check, strength is increasing and you’re in the process of building your physique to have the greatest stage appearance of your life. This time cannot be underestimated and …

Contest Prep

Whether it’s your first show, you’re a seasoned stage veteran or a master’s competitor, you’re seeking your best-ever stage appearance. I offer a full-service contest preparation package for bodybuilders, figure, and physique competitors. 20-Week Full Contest Prep Includes: – Consultation – Tailored nutrition – Monitoring/program adjustment – Unlimited email coaching – Ongoing physique progress assessment …


It’s vital to look like a master on stage! You can have a great physique, but knowing how to properly display it gives you a distinct advantage over other competitors, particularly in a tight class.   Posing sessions are conducted once weekly or as needed via video conference, photos, or in-person (local only).   – …