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National Physique Committee (NPC)

National Physique Committee (NPC)
My goal in every show I’ve ever competed has been not only to do my best, but also to make continuous improvements. Early in my career, I got into the habit of always asking the judges what I need to work on to improve. Then, whether it’s a specific body part(s), symmetry or some other issue, as soon as the show is over, my mission is established. I even do this after shows where I win my class, such as the July 2014 NPC Southern States victory.

2014 Southern States – 1st Place Bantamweight
2nd Place Lightweight over-50
Highlights: Thrilling bantam class victory in this very prestigious show. Beat out much younger and more muscled competitors based on my conditioning.
2012 Florida Gold Cup – 1st Place Lightweights
Highlights: Very proud of this victory and held my own in the overall against the big boys.
2007 Florida State – 1st Place Lightweights
Highlights – Excellent job in this very challenging national qualifier.
2012 DFAC* World Championships – 6th place Pro Masters Class
Highlights: A respectable placement (12 in class) considering there was only one weight class.

* Drug Free Athletes Coalition (Not associated with NPC)
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