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World Natural Bodybuilding Federation (WNBF)

World Natural Bodybuilding Federation (WNBF)

After a successful amateur career, I struggled when I first turned pro; the pro stage proved highly intense with fierce competition. However, by keeping an open mind and accepting constructive criticism, I continue to improve each year. That “never quit” attitude, approaching each season with a strategy, and the iron will to succeed is what competing is all about for me.

2008 KC Pro International

2010 Mid-America Pro Am
– 3rd place Lightweights
: Prize Money $125.00
2009 U.S. Cup – 2nd place Lightweights
Highlights: Prize Money $200.00 First time winning prize money as a Pro
2008 World Championships –  9th place Lightweights
Highlights: Improvement on my 2007 placing but conditioning was off
2008 KC Pro International  – 4th place Lightweights
Highlights: My first top 5 placing as a pro
2008 Mid-America Pro Am – 8th place Lightweights
Highlights: Was told by the head judge that my stage color affected my placement. I added an extra coat of spray tan and that strategy backfired. He said had I gotten my color right I would have been in the top 4. Lesson learned.

2007 World Championships – 11th place Lightweights
Highlights: First time entering the big show!  Came in a tad spilled over which can hurt you quite badly in this show.

2007 KC Pro International – 9th place Lightweights
Highlights: My first pro show. Conditioning and muscularity were excellent but the lightweight class went up to 170 pounds (2 class show) so I was at an extreme disadvantage. However, I was very happy with my stage presence and thehead judge told me that I looked very sharp.

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