Product Review: Pre Script by Nutristat

It’s time for my first product review. I’ve been using this product for over a month and I will give you my honest opinion on everything from how it tasted to the most important, how it worked. Before I begin, I mentioned in my last blog post, and I want to state it again, I have nothing to gain by telling you anything but the truth about the products I review. I’ve even mentioned to my sponsor, ShreddedBeef, that I will not fabricate or smooth-over anything about a product I review.

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Onto the review –

Pre Script is a pre-workout supplement from Nutristat. I’m not usually impressed with pre-workout supplements because even the ones that are initially effective tend to not produce any results after about a week or two. Not the case here. Pre Script impressed me! I used it for an entire month and experienced the same results from every training session – increased energy and focus which resulted in outstanding training sessions. It’s the first time that I’ve continued to feel the effects of a pre-workout 30 days into using it.

Based on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best), here’s how I rate the product in various categories:

Effectiveness – Score = 9. I took the recommended amount of Pre Script (one scoop in 4-6 ounces of water) about 30 minutes before my training and found that about 15 minutes into my session I would start to rev up. It’s not a jolting sensation; it’s more like a steady increase in energy that has you looking to continue training hard even at the end of the workout. The entire month of February resulted in some of the best workouts I’ve had in months because of it. The only reason I didn’t give it a 10 is because I’m a tough critic and I’ll want to try this again a few months from now to see if it yields the same results. Pre-workouts that I’ve tried in the past never have the same effect as the first time trying it.

Taste – Score = 8. The flavor was Watermelon Splash. It had a slight watermelon flavor, wasn’t overly sweet, and had no harsh after taste. It goes down nice and easy. To have received a 10 it would have needed to taste exactly like watermelon. I’ve tried some pre-workout supplements that are horrid tasting and even though taste is not the major issue for me, I still don’t want something tasting like it was pulled out of a garbage can – particularly because I train in the morning. Strawberry Margarita flavor is also available, but I haven’t tried that yet.

Mixability – Score = 10. When I first opened the container I was concerned Pre Script wouldn’t mix well because it’s not a fine powder. The powder looks like larger granules so I thought it might clump and require a lot of mixing. But with just a couple of easy stirs of the spoon it completely dissolved with no grit or foam.

Digestibility – Score = 10. Not one problem with the tummy.Went down easy and digested perfectly which is an important factor for me.

Cost – Pre Script is listed at $54.99 on the Nutristat web site for a 180gr (30 servings) container. That comes out to about $1.83 per serving. I compared it to two other top-selling pre-workout supplements Jym Pre Jym and Cellucor C4. The Jym Pre Jym is $1.16 per serving ($34.87/20 servings) and The Cellucor C4 comes out to about $1.00 per serving (30 servings at $29.99). Although Pre Script is a bit high, I believe it’s due to the addition of high quality ingredients including the bovine serum albumin concentrate and whey globulin isolate. Assuming you don’t know what those ingredients are, I will explain in a bit. Despite the price, I will definitely take Pre Script again. No-brainer for me based on the results I achieved.

What makes Pre Script tick? Whenever I try a new product, I closely examine the ingredients. Understanding some the Pre Script ingredients was not easy for me, and is definitely not going to be easy for the average reader. I’m a big proponent of the clearest communication possible and I would like to see this product provide a clearer understanding (in layman’s terms) of some of its ingredients. Here’s my assessment of why and how Pre Script works:

Pre Script provides Super Serum (bovine serum albumin concentrate) and Wheyullin (whey globulin isolate) – two key ingredients from Essentia Metabolic Proteins. Great, but you’re thinking, ok what the heck is that stuff?

Superserum is a fast absorbing bovine protein source. It’s loaded with naturally occurring protein and amino acids. WheyULIN provides peptide growth factors (peptides that bind to cell surfaces in order to activate cellular growth) and a high percentage of bioavailable amino acids.

The objective of Super Serum and Wheyullin is to assist one in achieving and maintaining an anabolic state throughout the workout. Many pre-workouts focus only on energy and focus, but Pre Script takes a giant step past that way of thinking.

PreScript Label

While the objective may be to achieve and maintain an anabolic state, Pre Script doesn’t neglect the energy and pump, key qualities we’ve come to expect from a good pre-workout. It includes other ingredients such as Hydromax (glycerol) and potassium nitrate help to promote vasodilation – so you get that huge pump, dude! And, what completes the product is the addition of caffeine (just as all pre workout supplements have) and glucuronolactone for added energy and focus.

I highly recommend Pre Script. It works! If you try it, please leave me a message here about your results. I’d be interested to know what you experience. I’m not sure why it’s not super popular yet, but my gut tells me it will be soon.

To purchase Nutristat you can buy directly from their site or go to their store locator


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