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Tornado Training: Lessons After the Storm

It’s been about a week since we were hit by Hurricane Irma. We were whacked here on the east coast of FL but fared much better than the west coast. Trees down, utility pole down, large fence destroyed, no power for a week, many businesses closed, lots of cleanup that took an entire week – …

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Just Roll With It: Mobility for Longevity

One of the things I’ve always been passionate about is figuring out how my body works best. I’m fascinated with finding new ways to improve it, and that will never change. This year, aside from taking a year off from the stage, it’s been about making sure I have longevity in bodybuilding and optimal health …

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Aram Hamparian: Bodybuilding’s King of Transformation

I had the honor of interviewing one of the best drug-free bodybuilders to ever set foot on stage. With on-stage competitive experience dating back to 1984…

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Bodybuilding: 14 Things We Hate

Last week on Facebook I asked bodybuilding competitors, what’s the biggest thing that makes you cringe when…

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