Where’s the (Shredded) Beef? Right Here!

I am pleased to announce…err actually I’m ecstatic to announce that I am officially a Shredded Beef sponsored athlete!

Shredded Beef is an organization that has just come out with a Bodybuilding and Fitness magazine, is a Bodybuilding.com affiliate, the sponsor for the DFAC Worlds, and aligned with IART (International Association of Resistance Trainers).

The affiliation with Bodybuilding.com is one way that Shredded Beef is strengthening its presence in the industry as well as helping its athletes.

Shredded Beef is also aligned with Proliant Health who started over 30 years ago and has become the world’s largest manufacturer of pharmaceutical grade bovine plasma, serums and beef proteins. You’ll find Proliant’s ingredients in all types of products from protein powders, pre-workout products, post-workout recovery supplements, amino acids, and lots more.

Based on my endorsement Agreement with Shredded Beef, I will be reviewing products from many different companies (not just those with Proliant’s ingredients) over the coming months. I will personally test them and report my findings and reactions right here on my site. And, my promise to you is to tell you the truth about my experience with each. Even better, Shredded Beef wants me to do just that! When I asked, their response to me was, “Honest is always best; it will maintain your integrity and the team’s as a whole.”

That says it all right there, so stay tuned – there’s a lot more to come…

Shredded Beef



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