Pre-Contest: 14-Weeks to the Stage

I’m competing this year and I’m excited about it.

I took 2011 off from competing because of the long hours required in starting my own business. Those long hours still exist and the hard work seems even harder, but I’m getting on stage anyway. I miss it, and when I get super focused with my training and nutrition, I get better at just about everything else in my life. Having a goal and loving the process – it’s part of why I do this.

As an over 50, natural bodybuilder who comes in weighing barely over the weight of a mosquito, I must have  a solid game plan during my prep.  I’ve beaten guys who outweigh me by 30-pounds and I’ve beaten guys who should have destroyed me based on genetics, but they didn’t do their homework and came in with a little too much body fat, or lacking laser-like conditioning. That’s part of what I capitalize on.

At 14-weeks out I’m just a tad behind where I want to be. Not a lot, about 3 pounds. However, when you’re getting ready for a show, everything counts and timing is critical. For those of you who’ve never competed, it’s not just about losing fat or making weight. There’s a lot more to it than that, which I’ll discuss more in future posts.

The following pics were taken Sunday July 29, 2012 – just over 14-weeks out from my DFAC Worlds show in Miami and 16-weeks out from the NPC Florida Gold Cup in Palm Beach Gardens.

It always helps to have another set of eyes to lend constructive criticism. The key is to find someone who knows what to look for, who won’t just tell you that you look good to not hurt your feelings, and someone who preferably will be hard core in their assessment. That’s what it takes.  Along with my own critical eye, I sent the pics to a well known natural pro and we both agreed on the following:

I am indeed just a bit behind schedule because at this point, based on my history, I should be seeing the following:


-Some quad separation beginning (this I have)








-Serratus/Intercostals beginning to appear (I don’t have this yet)








– Hamstrings starting to show in both legs (I don’t quite have this yet)








I began my prep at 20-weeks out. I like to take things nice and slow. A quick fat loss mentality is just dumb and has panic-stricken written all over it. I started at 153.8 and today (Wednesday 8-1) I’m 145.8. A little less than 1.3 pounds per week considering this is mid- week, but in reality it’s been slower due to some initial water weight lost.

My macros started at 225p/225c/60f and one high carb day. Two-weeks ago it was time to get it moving a bit faster, so for the past two weeks I’ve been at 225p/200c/50f with one higher carb day with only carbs increasing to 325g.

Training is 5-days per week and next time I’ll discuss the split in detail.

Cardio had been one 25-minute steady state session per week and something new for me, trying 10-min of intense cardio after upper body training days. I’m not sure how effective the 10-min session has been after training, but I’m willing to experiment a bit more.

This week I’ve increased the 25-min session to two 40-min sessions per week.

No other changes quite yet although the next move will be to lower the carbs to 150 two days per week. I’ll make that determination this Saturday.

The best conditioning I ever experienced was at the 2010-Mid America Pro Am in Indiana (see my photos on the home page). I plan to match that conditioning and come in fuller this year.

I’m going in with all I’ve got.

Stay tuned for more updates.


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